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Recently heard in the realty trenches.....
"Next time.... do not do any inspections other than a basic type.   I don't want any mold inspections or testing if the client didn't ask for one.  After all.... I hired you for my client......" Can you believe some agent had the nerve to tell me this AFTER the inspection took place and a positive mold test came back  and the SELLER made a big deal about how tidy their house was!!!   

"I can't believe where the inspector placed the radon test canisters.. one on the boiler and one on top of the water heater! "  A-1 uses EPA protocol and conducts radon tests properly.

"How much do you charge for an inspection? "(no info on a house mind you). ( I give a range of costs, talk about my positive points... the phone never rings...)   If you, as a realtor are complaining, stop the insanity and do something about it!   Add A-1 Home Inspection Services to your list of top three inspection companies. You and your clients will benefit. I guarantee it!

Yeah, and the inspector went on to say "that roof is shot".    A-1 would never use that jargon.  Bullseye targets get shot.

The inspector took several days to get the final report to the buyer! (who benefits here?) Why wait, A1 produces a meaningful paper report at the inspection conclusion.

"How do you do septic dye tests? The last inspector ran the water over two hours....three hours.... the well pump died..." A-1 uses the
industry standard of two inside faucets run open 1 hours after appropriate dye is flushed.  I am not out to see
how many well pumps I can burn out or run dry by doing a 2-3 hour septic dye test. 

The "ballpark" estimate for repairs for this home will be between $10,000 and $25,000! (Folks, ballparks are for ball players!  A-1 does not ballpark anything.)

"The inspector showed up with a heating guy, roofer, pest control tech, you name it!" Seemed like a feeding frenzy... (and lots of payroll checks, conflict of interests, and an underqualified inspector to boot!)

"The seller wants to shock the well themselves... to save money." How did they shock it you ask? Oh, they put 2 gallons of bleach down into the well...that's what the drill company or listing agent told them. (really - wrong)

"The well test failed? How did you take the sample? What lab did you use? Did you bypass the softener? Did you flame the faucet?"....Wells fail now more than ever due to several factors....insecure/cracked/missing cap, older buried below grade well head,  drought, excessive rain.....too small of a lot size to adequately provide proper setback between well and septic...or neighbors septic for that matter!  Owner not shocking annually (per health dept.), softener/sediment filter not maintained or bypassed.

(NOTE: REALTORS HAVE NO BUSINESS SHOCKING, GIVING OUT SHOCK ADVICE OR PERFORMING WELL WATER TESTING OF ANY KIND. PERIOD!!! Too bad the well failed. It happens. It can or should have been shocked before/after the test for that matter. If it fails, the seller should pay for PROPER shocking and retesting. PERIOD.)

If it fails after shocking, put a UV system in and retest. End of story!   Not my protocol... the dept. of health protocol.

Yeah, and the inspector made a big deal out of mold. Referred the buyer to another "mold" specialist inspector. Several hundred dollars and tests later, the report said mold was present! (WOW!- Surprise!)

I can't believe my buyer is using this "deal killing" inspector. So far, the buyer has endured four house inspections by the same inspector at $850 a pop, and has yet to move forward with a solid offer!!! (who is benefiting here?) (Sounds like the inspector is on a roll... pay-roll that is?)

STOP THE INSANITY. REALLY!! HIRE A-1 Home Inspection Services, Your Sherlock of Homes! You and your clients will be glad they did! But don't take my word for it, take a look at my Testimonials page....then call me at 845-889-8849.

A well known "deal breaker" inspector showed up with a HVAC tech at an inspection of a home where the tech said the furnace had to be replaced. Turns out the same tech had actually performed an annual service two months prior on the same unit with high marks for efficiency!!!  (I ask you, why keep that inspector's cards/brochures available and why on earth would you ever allow your client to be subjected to that type of situation??!!) Isn't it time to put the Sherlock of Homes - A1 on your referral list?

Those deal killing inspectors!! I (realtor) had one guy who killed three deals for this buyer while he proclaimed to have "saved" the buyers from financial ruin. Deal #4 came along but this time the buyers changed inspection companies... the buyers now have a new home!!

Sellers find they possibly have a buried fuel tank because the current buyers'inspector noted copper fuel lines coming thru the foundation wall. Newer tank installed already in basement. Come to find out the listing agent (who also sold them the home) had suggested a certain inspector (who obviously missed the pipes)and now the sellers have to prove the status of a buried oil tank at their expense! Realtors, PLEEEASE do yourself and customers a favor and put A-1 The Sherlock of Homes on your "three name" list... (A-1 reported this particular issue FYI). You WILL be glad you did.

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