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How long does a home inspection take?

Your comprehensive inspection may take 2-4 hours. The report will be given to you at the conclusion of the inspection. If you are unable to attend the inspection, your report will be overnighted to you next business day. No disc to upload, no mumbo jumbo report format, no pictionary photo laden report.  Any lab test results will be made available to you as early as 48 hours after the inspection. If time is of the essence, stat turnaround times for most lab results are available for an additional pass through fee.  I often am asked by realtors how "much longer" will the
inspection take....  To which I usually charge an additional fee (to the realtor)  because I am working for my customer, not the realtor!    Just kidding!!
What is your background/experience?  
I can honestly tell you I have not built homes for a living.  That being said, I can however, tell you that I've inspected hundreds of homes over the years with hundreds of satisfied customers (see testimonial page).
How many homes has the average home builder built?  Better yet, how many people do you know rave about
a particular home builder?  Just because you see an inspector list/state that they have over X years in them home building/contractor trades does not automatically make them an expert home "inspector".  Many builders and single specialty tradesmen "became" home inspectors after the 911 home buying frenzy.
Alot of related specialists (electrical/mechanical/HVAC) have become inspectors also.  They are great to call on and know alot about their particular specialty area, but may be lacking in other areas of a home.  Worse yet, they may have no or very poor people communication skills to boot!   Let's get the inspection done, talk circles about the "specialty" area I know about and move on to the next inspection!
That rare seasoned builder usually stays a builder and doesn't leave their trade to do home inspections.   A good home inspector has been in the business for several years, stood the test of different markets, and continues to do the best job possible!  Period.  
I have yet to conduct an inspection on new construction without the builder being present and/or miffed that I found defects in their quality built home! 

Do I need to be present for the home inspection?

It is not necessary to be present for the home inspection, however, I highly recommend my client be present as you will view the first hand observations of your home inspection and have your questions immediately addressed. For your convenience, I will answer any questions the day of and after the inspection via phone or email at no additional charge.

How much does a home inspection cost?

Each job is quoted individually based on your needs, the size,age and complexity of the structure(s), and relevant testing.   No two homes are alike.   Just remember, in the long run, an expensive smart home inspector will cost a whole lot less that a dumb cheap one.
Don't I need to hire a PE (licensed professional engineer), my friends did?
Not really, unless you have a dying need to know the weight bearing/load bearing capacity of every size
dimension lumber in a home.   PE's should be reserved for houses once a structural defect has been
found by a licensed home inspector.    Home Inspectors are generalists.   PE's are specialists.   In fact,
some home inspection companies who consist of PE's discourage hiring anyone but a PE.  Makes you
wonder.   I refer out to PE's once I have found a possible structural defect.   Just like I would refer out to
a licensed pest control specialist if an infestation (i.e. termite/carpenter ant) was discovered.   Most new
homes take up to fours years to become stable and stop settling (exceptions to this rule include hydro-static pressure from improper drainage and grading). 


Why hire a home inspector?

Today’s real estate purchases are tomorrow’s investments. A home inspector will insure that your purchase is in your best interest. You wouldn’t hire a gardener to repair a roof, so it makes sense to hire a professional who will objectively inspect your pending purchase or home maintenance needs. Furthermore, as a fully insured and certified inspector, you have additional piece of mind when hiring A-1, "Your Sherlock of Homes!" Unlike some other inspectors, I will not inspect your home as if it was going to be my own... because it's not going to be mine.   You will receive an unbiased inspection with A1. 

Why choose A-1 Home Inspection Services, LLC?

I offer a quality home inspection you can trust! My immediate (combination narrative/check list) report findings will allow you to make an informed decision. My business was built on referrals from satisfied homebuyers like yourselves. I adhere to the Code of Ethics as outlined by the NACHI, and the Home Inspection Institute of America, and my report exceeds industry standards. I am also licensed, fully insured and bonded and complete annual continuing education as required by state & industry associations. Finally, the report I issue is packed full of meaningful, useful information and incorporates maintenance tips and general homeownership information. Techno-jargon is avoided and ANY questions you ask are relevant! First time homebuyers and seasoned homeowners alike are welcome!

What are my qualifications?

Double Certified by the Home Inspection Institute of America, and the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). I have practical experience in the trades pertaining to renovations of rental properties, and pest control. I am a full time home inspector with general knowledge in all phases of home construction. Several hundred completed home inspections from new construction, log, modular - back to C. 1731 and everything in between. I welcome first time home buyers, weekenders, and seasoned homeowners alike!


What about tests? Aren't they part of an inspection?
Tests are not inspections.   Some inspection companies will mis-state that their inspections include radon, wells etc.   All of which are excluded by NYS standards of practice BTW....  However, as tests go... I conduct all NECESSARY tests when NEEDED ONLY including septic dye, well water potable, radon air, radon well water, mold, asbestos, lead paint and more!   This is not only convenient but time saving and the PROPER PERSPECTIVE is placed on the need and outcome of all tests.  Since I am not in the business of correcting any abnormal test results, there is never a conflict of interest.

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